Skateboard Safari was originally envisioned by Greg LaRosa, who also brought the idea to life with the help of his friends and professional network. 



Greg LaRosa  @g_larosa

Greg had always dreamed of owning a business and spending his time doing something that he had a passion for. After years of working on different ideas and trying to develop passion for them it was time to just to start with something he already was passionate about. Skateboarding was the main thing that came to mind. Many business minded skaters have had the same idea and either open a skate shop or start a brand but these were out of the question for Greg, he wanted an original idea. One day the idea for a skateboarding focused sightseeing tour, much like the celebrity tours in Hollywood, came to his mind. He envisioned skateboarder tourists from all around the world taking his tour throughout the home of skateboarding, visiting famous street spots and numerous skateboard parks and plazas. There has been no looking back for Greg, he has constantly been brainstorming to fine tune the idea since its inception. The safari started to cater to tourists from other areas but has grown to include local church youth groups, summer programs, birthday parties and more for our Los Angeles locals as well.

Aaron "Meklo" Rivera  @meklo_sk8 @BloodinBloodoutSkateboards

Aaron is founder of the skateboard brand Blood In Blood Out Skateboards and has been an integral part of the beginning stages of Skateboard Safari. Aaron helps to raise public awareness of Skateboard Safari through his extensive network of high-level local talent, industry connections and through various social media outlets.

Nick Rivello  @hydrochro_nic

Nick started skateboarding at a very young age and has never lost his passion for the sport. He had always dreamed of having a career dealing with skateboarding as well. Nick thought his career might be in skate park construction but when Greg approached him about starting Skateboard Safari he knew this was a good chance to get into the industry. Nick possesses a wealth of knowledge about past and present skateboarding, he shreds harder than anyone Greg knows and goes "HUGE!" in everything he does.